Audit Plan for Fiscal Year Ending 6/30/2011

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Audit Topic                                                                     Status     
Alumni Affairs Business Operations Complete
Payroll Operations Complete
College Operational Review – COAA Complete
NCAA Compliance - Student Athlete Eligibility Postponed
Follow-up to FY2009 OSA Financial Audit Report Finding Canceled
Insurance Coverage Assessment Process Complete
College Operational Review – CCI Complete
International Programs Business Operations Complete
IT General Controls Complete
Internal Controls / EAGLE / FIT Self Assessment Complete
Misuse of State Property Reporting Procedures Complete
Follow-up:  R2009-5 Effort Reporting System Complete
Follow-up:  R2008-9 Credit Card Processing Complete
Follow-up:  R2008-11 College and Division BCP's Complete
Petty Cash / Change Fund / Receipt Books Complete
FY2011 Lapse Salary / Carry Forward Funds Usage Review Complete
1st Qtr - Quarterly Pcard Transactions Review Complete
2nd Qtr - Quarterly Pcard Transactions Review Complete
3rd Qtr - Quarterly Pcard Transactions Review Complete
4th Qtr - Quarterly Pcard Transactions Review Complete
Unplanned Project #1 Grant Transactions Inquiry Complete
Unplanned Project #2 Inappropriate Gift Inquiry Complete
Unplanned Project #3 Pharmacy Operations Complete
Unplanned Project #4 HRL Time & Attendance Complete
Unplanned Project #5 RMSS Personnel Action  Complete
Unplanned Project #6 FM Property Control  Complete