Audit Plan for Fiscal Year Ending 6/30/2013

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Audit Topic Status
External Assessment (QUALITY ASSURANCE REVIEW) Complete
Follow-up to Review of IT General Controls Deferred to FY14
IRB/IACUC process and procedures Complete
Compliance with NCAA Standards on Recruiting Deferred
MCD/Home Internet Reimbursement Verification Complete
Admin Operations Review - College of Liberal Arts & Sciences Complete
Restricted Gifts/Fundraising Complete
FY2013 Internal Controls Self Assessment Review Complete
Restricted Data Use Agreements Verifications Complete
FY2013 Lapse Salary Review Canceled
Follow-up to OSA audit report on Financial Aid Complete
Annual Purchase Card Transactions Review Complete
Unplanned #1 - Suspecrted Financial Aid Fraud Complete
Unplanned #2 - Suspected Construction Contract Fraud follow-up Complete
Unplanned #3 - Suspected Inappropriate Purchasing Activity Complete
Unplanned #4 - Department ADmin Operations Advisory Engagement Complete
Unplanned #5 - Department Director Transition Assistance Complete
Unplanned #6 - Suspected Misuse of Computers Complete
Unplanned #7 - Suspected Misuse of Leave Complete
Outsourced Projects  
   Construction audit - Phase X and PORTAL Interim Complete
Related Projects outside Internal Audit  
   Recharge Unit Operations (by Grants and Contracts) Complete
   IT Technical Controls (by ITS) Deferred to FY14