Audit Plan for Fiscal Year Ending 6/30/2014

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Audit Topic Status
FY2013 Internal Controls / EAGLE / FIT Self Assessment Complete
Motor Fleet and Gas Card Usage Complete
Tax Compliance Complete
University Communications: Social Media, Web, Brand Compliance Complete
Academic Integrity/Office of Registrar Complete
Criminal Background Check Program Complete
Post Award Accounting and Reconciliation Complete
International Admissions Complete
Parking Services Complete
NCAA Compliance – Boosters Complete
Student Health Operations Complete
Annual Data Use Agreement verifications Complete
OSA IT Audit Follow-up Complete
Annunal PCard Transactions Review Complete
Review Annual Internal Controls Self Assessment Complete
Unplanned Project #1:  A2014-U1 TWC Tower Revenue Complete
Unplanned Project #2:  I2014-1 Allegations of Misconduct Complete
Unplanned Project #3: I2014-2 Allegations of Retaliation Complete
Unplanned Project #3: I2014-3 Allegations of Misconduct Complete
Unplanned Project #4:  I2014-4 FM High Voltage Complete
Unplanned Project #5: I2014-5 Advancement Complete
Outsourced Projects:  
   Construction Audit - Phase X Final Complete
   Construction Audit - PORTAL Final Deferred to FY15
   Construction Audit - Phase XII Interim Complete
   Construction Audit - SV Dining Hall Interim Complete
Related Projects outside Internal Audit  
   IT Security Risk Assessment Complete