Audit Plan for Fiscal Year ending 6/30/2016

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Audit Topic Status
NCAA Compliance - Transition to FBS Football               Complete
Capital Campaign Gift Accounting Practices Complete
Facilities Management - Design Services Complete
Technology Transfer Office Complete
Office of Study Abroad Complete
Human Resources Department Complete
NCAA Compliance - Football Attendance Verification Complete
Student Union, Activities and Recreation Complete
Belk College of Business Operations Administrative Review            Complete
Student Accounts Operations Complete
Undergraduate Admissions Complete
Financial Aid Operations Complete
Internal Controls Self Assessment Cancelled
IT Security - Change Management Cancelled
Construction Contract Compliance - South Village Dining Complete
Construction Contract Compliance - Residence Hall Phase XII Complete
Unplanned #1 - I2016-1 - Employee Policy 803 Complaints Complete
Unplanned #2 - M2016-1 - Independent Contractor Practices Complete
Unplanned #3 - M2016-2 - Design Services Controls Assessment Complete
Unplanned #4 - M2016-3 - SUAR Position Review Complete
Unplanned #5 - M2016-4 - SACVM Position Review Complete
Unplanned #6 - I2016-2 - Misuse of Funds/Retaliation Complete
Unplanned #7 - M2016-5 - Department Tranasactions Review Complete
Unplanned #8 - M2016-6 - PCard Transactions Review Complete