Case in Point: Lessons for the pro-active manager, from our friends at Auburn University

Published Date: 
Friday, July 1, 2016

Last month we paused our review of 2015 to focus on the Title IX concerns at Baylor. We now return to our prior year review with our final category: Campus Life. Campus Life typically contains more general stories about risks we encounter on campus. The majority of stories in this category relate closely to students and campus environment/culture. This category can help us recognize trends and topics that are growing in importance nationally. Campus Life issues can also impact our most valuable institutional resource: our reputation.

This category is very diverse due to the nature of higher education. When we look back at last year we see the following breakdown of topics:

  1. Diversity Issues 25%
  2. Campus Security/Life Safety 17%
  3. Sexual Crime 13%
  4. Alcohol/Drugs/Hazing 13%
  5. Non Sexual Crime 12%
  6. Other Issues 20% (too small for separate ranking)

It has been hard to miss the numerous diversity concerns at campuses across the nation over the past year. This is an issue that AU has taken a pro-active approach toward. You can review the AU campus diversity survey here.

All the subjects in this category are important and should be taken seriously with respect to proactive risk management. As we routinely say here, if you have a concern or see a potential problem, tell someone. If you are not sure who to tell, always feel free to come to us in OACP. If our entire campus community works together, we can help protect our reputation, and more importantly, our students, faculty, and staff. This keeps us focused on our primary mission rather than crisis management. As always, we invite you to evaluate the current events in our industry and we welcome any feedback.

M. Kevin Robinson, CIA, CFE
Associate Vice President
Office of Audit, Compliance & Privacy