Fighting Fraud the 49er Way

   February 6, 2020

Are you aware there is fraud occurring all around you?  Discover the meaning of occupational fraud.  Learn how you can recognize fraud, prevent it and detect it, and how to report it so action can be taken by attending the next course. 

The next session will be presented on  April 9. 2020.

Register through Learning and Development with the Human Resources...

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Audit Issues

   February 6, 2020

What are some of the issues that auditor's encounter?  Discover and learn how you can recognize these issues and help prevent them from occurring in your area by attending the next course. 

The next session will be presented on March 5. 2020.

Register through Learning and Development with the Human Resources department ...

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FY 2020 Audit Plan Kickoff

   July 15, 2019

Internal Audit presented the upcoming FY 2020 audit plan to attendees.

For individuals that were unable to attend and for reference purposes, click the link to access the presentation slides.

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May is Internal Audit Awareness Month

   April 24, 2018

May is Internal Audit Awareness Month. During this observance and throughout the year, audit professionals work to raise awareness of the internal audit profession and its value to businesses and organizations.

The awareness efforts are not only to dispel misperceptions of the profession but also to enhance everyone’s knowledge of the essential role internal auditing plays in strong...

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Internet of Things and You

   April 10, 2018

Amazon’s Alexa. Nest thermostats. ADT home security systems. Apple CarPlay. Pacemakers. What do these, and hundreds of other devices, have in common? They are a part of the ever-growing Internet of Things (IoT).  Tech Target defines IoT as “a scenario in which objects, animals, or people are provided with unique identifiers and the ability to transfer data over a network without requiring...

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Reminder About Security

   January 23, 2018

During recent reviews, the Internal Audit Department learned that some supervisors have shared personal passwords with trusted employees. Allowing associates to use their supervisor’s sign-on credentials provides these employees with access they should not have. Also, it defeats the purpose of the audit trail, which is designed to track any activity or changes made by individuals based upon...

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   September 27, 2017

Internal auditors are explorers, analysts, problem-solvers, reporters and trusted advisors. They bring objectivity and a variety of skills and expertise to an organization. They come from diverse areas, such as finance, operations, IT and engineering.

Today’s internal audit professionals are known for their critical thinking and communication skills, as well as their general IT and...

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Proper disposal of state property

   July 1, 2016

Summer coincides with the annual end-of-the-year purchasing spree by some campus departments and units, and it is a time for offices to purge, replace, repurpose or recycle equipment. While most items make their way into the trash or recycle bins, University employees should exercise caution, as certain items require special handling.

If an item is a University-classified fixed asset,...

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Internal audit's journey of lifelong learning

   June 1, 2016

Universities are more integrated, more interdependent and more diverse than ever, while internal audit is tasked with doing more with less. All of these factors create significant challenges for traditional internal audit operating models. Meeting management’s expectations in this dynamic environment requires a new mindset. The need to respond to the latest headlines, attacks and case studies...

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Quick fact - the Internal Audit Department gets an audit

   May 17, 2016

Professional standards (the International Professional Practice Framework) require the chief audit officer to “develop and maintain a quality assurance and improvement program (QAIP) that covers...

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